Schimba in romana
Our private detectives will make investigations as follows:

  • the public morality and conduct of a person;
  • data regarding the solvability and seriousness of a person or agency, which may be a business partner;
  • the honesty of statements in the insurance field;
  • searching evidence and counter-evidence, necessary in trials;
  • searching and identifying witnesses that took part at litigation events ;
  • other investigation activities, necessary to the defenders, in trials;
  • searching for disappeared persons;
  • fore and post marriage information;
  • trade embezzlements (clients that do not pay their debts, embezzlement organized crime networks);
  • mortgage, cadastral, will, car investigations s.o;
  • investigations regarding the personnel selection;
  • investigations concerning the use of drugs and the protection of the young people;
  • investigations regarding absenteism, betrayals, double activities;
  • goods under civil or penal litigations, alienated to cause damages to the interests of parties envolved in trials as well as activities meant to recover them;
  • protection against leaks of information related to the the private life or the activity of some economical agents that wish to keep their confidentiality.

  • Patrimony investigations:
  • patrimony checkings;
  • investigations regarding agencies and patrimonies;
  • solvabilities;
  • bankrupcy investigations.

  • Credit recovery:
  • informative reports in connection to the solvability state of physical and juridical persons;
  • the identification of debtors and goods which are to be subject to a sheriff's officer.

  • CSpecialized consultancy against leaks of economical information.

  • Consultancy for the protection of the private life.

  • Polygraph tests with the latest generation of computerized equipment, made in U.S.A.