Schimba in romana
Agency of private detectives CROMA propose you also a services offer with the latest generation of computerized POLYGRAPH (Lie Detector) equipment, STOELTING made in U.S.A., with specific tests for each person or activity domain.
The tests are made by psychologists, specialized in the forensic psychology, like Conf. univ. dr.Tudorel Butoi - Prime expert in polygraph technique.
Testing of sincerity and seriousness of the persons who want to be hired (checking the curriculum vitae) or periodically at the request of the hiring companies (trading companies, banks, assurance companies, protection and security companies, investigations companies etc.)

We can determine:

  • the capacity of working in certain conditions
  • necessary skills for practicing a certain activity or function
  • employee loyalty
  • sincerity of assurance declarations
  • the existence of an unproductive company, of some comfortless frames of mind that affect his activity at work
  • other details at request

  • Testing of suspicious persons in thefts or good or values embezzlements at the request of the wronged persons
    Testing of the recruits.
    Testing of the individual self-control at the request of the interested person or for proving the innocence
    Testing of the family members at parent's request, husband's request, etc.
    Testing of seriousness of the persons involved in temporary or periodically activities, such as trainers, footbaliers, sales and insurrance agents, etc