Schimba in romana

NOVA SECURITY LTD is an entirely Romanian company, founded in 2001. The reason for creating the agency was to provide citizens with personal security and protection of goods against physical aggresion, break ins (homes, shops, cars), settling public conflicts. Despite its being a new company, NOVA SECURITY has quickly made its mark on the market through its professionalism, efficiency and seriousness, its management and personnel quality.


  • Security alarm systems instalation;
  • Closed circuit television systems instalation;
  • Service for security alarm systems against effraction;
  • Service for closed circuit television systems;
  • Alarm systems and closed circuit TV systems projects;
  • Protection of economic and residential objectives, by fixed or mobile squads;
  • Protection and accompany for individuals;
  • Opperative intervention with mobile squads for hold-ups, break ins, fires, floods and medical emergencies;
  • Fast document courier services;
  • Monitoring of local alarm systems working at private or corporate objectives where immediate intervention by specialized squads is necessary;
  • Professional counseling regarding protection of goods, valuables and individuals.
Our integrated protection system comprizes of the following:
  • PROTECTION, GUARDING AND ACCOMPANY DEPARTMENT, providing quality services to individuals, companies, warehouses.
  • This department ensures and maintains public order at special cultural, sport related or economic occasions etc.
  • By request, it provides transport, accompany and protection to individuals.
SPECIAL GOODS TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT, provides accompany and protection services in the case of valuable transports (money, stocks, cheques, gold, art pieces, scientific works), permanently or occasionaly, by cars belonging to either the client or the company's itself.
The fulfillment personnel comprises of both females and males and is thoroughly tested and selected. The sellection is done by complying to current laws, i.e. law number 18/1996, the personnel is ackowledged by the police authorities. The employes are highly trained in the self defense and protection department.
Our personnel's activity we lay constantly at your disposal and it is permanently controlled by management.
Along with the practical services we render, we also provide counseling concerning law number 18/1996 regarding protection of objectives, goods and valuables, regarding risks evaluation, developing protection plans, recommandations for dangerous interior and exterior design, detection of possible unwanted access spots, establishing security squads placement.

NOVA SECURITY assumes responsability for damages caused to the beneficiary by fault of security agents in the case of misakes and will pay damages, according to legislation, if such a case should occur. Establishing the guilty party and value of the damages is done in all cases if both parties agree or by state authorities, according to the current laws. The renderer and the beneficiary will answer for their own faults, according to current common laws.

In all cases, our company ensures surveillance of the agents' activity through an area superviser, as well as thriough special mobile squads. These teams are at our clients' disposal around the clock, 365 days a year.

Special squad intervention, if allerted by the local alarm system or the local superviser, is done through our company, in the limits of the contractual terms.

We kindly ask you to analyze this offer and, when we meet face to face, to try and find together with us the best sollution to both parties.

Respectfully yours, hoping for a long lasting and benefficial collaboration,